Elemental Gelade, Volumes 1 & 2

Elemental Gelade, Volume 1 - Mayumi Azuma

I really wanted to read a new manga, so I searched for a while and found this. It sounded pretty cool, had good genres, and the artwork wasn't even terrible, so I decided to give it a try. Now I'm probably going to be stuck reading all 18 volumes, because it's just barely good enough to keep going.


The MC, Cou, is awesome, and his chain Edel Raid, Ren, is cool when she's awake and adorable when she's asleep--which is about half of the time. The Edel Raids have cool powers, although they're begging for a tedious story arc about whether or not they're considered humans and how they should be treated, which I'm really hoping to avoid somehow. Everyone should just listen to Cou, seriously.


Unfortunately, the rest of the cast doesn't. Cisqua needs to be gagged and thrown in a dungeon somewhere far, far away. I'm soooo sick of punch-in-the-face-I'm-a-strong-female-character-and-everyone-is-beneath-me characters, and she is so noisy and heavy-handed and stupid that she's stealing all the personality from the other characters; they can barely get a line out without her shouting and dragging them around and trying to be, I don't know, funny? I can't even tell what her sidekick with the tough powers is like, because Cisqua won't let him have even one conversation that she isn't part of. Actually, Cisqua reminds me of Rosette, and there are no words for how much I loathe that witch of an MC, so. . .


I'm also sick of the poorly drawn 'humorous' panels all over the place (which are mostly Cisqua's fault, but not all of them). Normally, the artwork is okay, even though I wouldn't call it good.


I'm just hoping that stupid Cisqua and nonsense panels will tone down as the series goes on. Cou and Ren both have a lot of potential, so please just let them use some of it. Please? *sigh*