Harukanaru Toki no Naka De, Vol. 1

I've been reading this on and off for months (mostly off, honestly), and It'll probably take me just as long to read the next one, because for some reason I'm just not that interested in the story. It has lots of potential, and the characters are good for the most part, but it just takes me a long time to work up the energy to read it. I wouldn't even call it boring. It's just. . . not very interesting.


The MC doesn't help. Listen to this (I know it was translated, but this particular translation is MY ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE):

"Very painful. . . I can hear so many voices. . . Very painful. . . Who is going to help me. . .?"

Seriously, she's being attacked by evil spirits, and it's apparently very painful, so what does she do? She wonders who is going to come save her. UGH. You don't have to be a warrior or anything to fight back. You don't even have to be able to save yourself. You just have to try. Don't ever, ever, EVER stand there and wait for someone else to save you.


Keep moving, on your own two feet. No matter what. Never, ever give up.

Otherwise, they will find you, and you'll regret it:


(show spoiler)



. . .As for the rest of the book, it was good but didn't have a lot of great stuff in it. The art is really bad, but I could get past that quite easily if the material was better. I will read the next one, but not soon, I think. *waves* Nice to be finished with you, book.


Side note: I only read this because I found Yasuaki's character song, which led me to the conclusion that there must be at least one cool character in the book--Ishida Akira's characters tend to be awesome--and Yasuaki is indeed very cool. He isn't around enough; hopefully he'll be in the next volume more. Aha, and now I've found a reason to read it sooner. :)