No. 6

No. 6 Volume 1 - 'Atsuko Asano',  'Hinoki Kino'

I watched the No. 6 anime a long time ago, and it was pretty good except for the end--like a lot of stuff. *shrugs* I would have read the manga right after, in fact, because the story was okay and I really liked Nezumi, one of the main characters. The problem with that is. . . Nezumi. In the nice, shiny books at B&N, the stupid translation calls him Rat. In English. Grrrrrrr!!! Nezumi. Nezumi. NEZUMI. His name is not Rat. I keep picking up those lovely books and seeing Rat on the back, and I put them instantly back down, fuming.


. . .I'm an idiot, I know, but I don't think I can handle seeing Rat, Rat, Rat (I mean, he's around so often--thankfully?--that his name is all over the place. And it's wrong) for the entire series.


But, I've read. . . um, actually the first few volumes, not just the first one (oops, I should have reviewed it sooner), and I really, really want to read the rest. So I guess I have to just deal with more Rat. *sigh*


Wow, I didn't mean to rant so long just about the name thing. Oops again. As for the review of the actual book(s). . .


Sion, the other main character, is adorable and funny, and I really like him. And he loves animals. :) He's an idiot, though, and he does ask a ton of useless questions (one of Nezumi's complaints about him). He's seriously flawed, I guess, which can be a very good thing (I'm sick of flawless characters). (kills self for using too many parentheses)


Nezumi is a solid 10 stars in the books--a lot better than in the anime, even though he was my favorite there, too. He's smart, funny, also adorable, and is generally awesome at all times. He's not particularly good or evil, either, which I like; sometimes he can be sweet, but can still be cruel, too. Yay.


As for the plot, it makes much more sense than the anime, is better-structured, and is a heck of a lot less boring. Why am I comparing everything to the anime? The book(s) is/are plenty sensible, well-structured, and entertaining all on its/their own. I don't know why I gave it/them 5 stars, though. I guess because of the MCs, since the side characters are pretty much entirely despicable--although I do like Sion's mom. She's sweet, and likes bitties. *cheers*


The art is really good, too. The covers and the panels are both well-drawn and pretty consistent. Especially the eyes--they're beautifully drawn.


(Oh, and Nezumi has Hosoya Yoshimasa's voice! YAAAAY! *bubbles hearts* Kaji Yuuki isn't too shabby either, Sion XD)


Anyway, I going to end this mess review before I wander around any more. Bye! ;D




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