Bloody Cross, Vol. 2

Bloody Cross, Vol. 2 - Shiwo Komeyama

I read this a while ago and forgot to review it. Oops.


Tsukimiya is still awesome. Hinata is still an annoying, rotten, despicable jerk (with awesome powers, unfortunately). There are still lots of fight scenes, and the plot still doesn't make sense.


The new things in this book: Nightmare's devoted follower, Tsuzuki, and NOOOOOO, it's Sebastian stay away stay away STAY AWAY!!!! his servant, Hanamura are main characters.


Tsuzuki would be really funny and adorable if I didn't already adore Nightmare, who he obviously wants to be. As it is, I really like him and totally (as in, 10000000....%) prefer him over Hinata.


Hanamura, I want you to die. NOW. I don't even care if it's painful, just get out of my sight/hearing/every kind of sense RIGHT NOW. You remind me of Seb, and my brain might melt from loathing it you keep it up any longer. In fact, I have a gift for you: 



Anyway, the book isn't really any better or worse than the first one, which I guess is a good thing (it could have been a lot worse), and I'm definitely going to read the next one, so it did something right.





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