Crimson Empire, Vol. 3

Crimson Empire Vol. 3: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba

Awww. Justin, I knew you loved little ones.

And that is one of the most adorable confessions ever, you poor darling. "'Are you really drawing your sword?' 'Not to kill.'" Pfft. *snickers, bubbles hearts*

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Edvard eating sweets is utterly adorable. Justin smiling when he thinks about it is also adorable. These books are just. . . adorable.


And awesome. Curtis, why aren't you around more?! Every page you've ever been on has been awesome!! *dies of Curtis withdrawal*




. . . . . 


. . . . . . . . . 


*revives to reread adorable Justin scenes again*

*and again*

*and again*


This is not a review. It's supposed to be, but it obviously isn't. Someone teach me how to write reviews--it might actually last for one review before I just start fangirling and/or whining again.


This series totally has no ending, by the way. It just. . . rushed forward and then stopped.

But, yes, Sheila, Justin is indeed adorable. Don't hurt him, though. Don't you dare.

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The four-star rating is a) because the book/series has no real ending and b) because the plot is practically nonexistent. I love it more than that, and it makes me seriously happy. I'd recommend it to anyone who reads for the characters, because they're awesome. Especially Justin--and Curtis. XD XD





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