Crimson Empire, Vol. 2

Crimson Empire Vol. 2: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba



Uh. . . I really love Justin? A lot? He's a sweetheart, and he's adorable, and he's tough, and an idiot, the poor thing, and HE'S AROUND MORE IN THIS ONE YAAAAY!!! XD XD

Honestly, the darling bought Sheila a rose when he didn't even want her following him (you poor, precious baby, how could she not try to keep you safe? What kind of a monster could help themselves?), and he wore a 'disguise' (seriously, Justin? Pfft) that he hated because it would make her worry a bit less. *bubbles hearts*


Sheila, don't you dare let the idiot get hurt. Ever. In any way. Thankfully you're sweet and awesome, too, so that shouldn't be a problem! :D Take care of him, though. Seriously. 

Obviously he's going to protect her from Curtis. He's too perfect not to.

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Curtis! Curtis returns!!!! *cheering* He is one of the shortest, most adorable, most awesome villains ever. EVER. Please stay. Preferably don't kill any of the awesome characters, but STAY. DON'T LEAVE! YOU AREN'T AROUND ENOUGH! (He leaves, doesn't he? *cries*)


Michael is still adorable. :D Gosh, some of these characters need to be around more. (Just don't detract from Justin's camera time. At all. Just magically be around more, or something.) Oh, yeah, and Michael's an awesome evil demon, too--with wings, mwahaha. Keep it up!


What happened to this review, anyway? This is just me ranting about the characters. . .


Uh. . . The plot. I don't care much for it, but that's okay, because Justin is around!!!! *bubbles hearts, then remembers previous train of thought before Justin shattered it* I've got to say, there aren't very many assassination attempts in this one, considering it still goes on about them in the book's synopsis. There isn't much action, in fact. Hm. I guess you can't have everything?


Anyway, I'm dying to read the next one--conveniently sitting at my elbow right now, new and shiny, taunting me--so I guess that's the entire, useless review. *waves*






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