Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 1

Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 01 - Rei Tōma

I'm totally just writing reviews so I can throw in some pictures at the end. *sighs, beats self up, does it anyway*


Uh. . . Anyway. (I'm already repeating myself *sighs again*) This book was good. It was a nice, quick, entirely inoffensive book that made my day just a little more interesting (thanks, book! XD).


I like Caesar. He always has a not-so-bright look on his face, and I've seen similar characters all over the place, but I like him anyway. He's my favorite--probably because the princess fainted twice in like ten pages near the beginning, which made for a rough start.


Loki is whiny. Waah. (See, he makes me cry just thinking about him.) I didn't dislike him, I guess. He's whiny, though. Whaah.


I'll probably end up liking him, and then I'll be mad at myself for making fun of him. That's usually how it works with my stupid brain. *shrugs*

I do want to read the sequel, I think. I'm not dying for it, but I definitely liked it enough to keep reading. That's something, right?


Oh, and the art is pretty good, even though I think the artist has trouble with facial expressions. . . or maybe Caesar really doesn't have coherent thoughts in his head. Either way, it's a lot better than Kuroshitsuji some art I've seen. The cover is beautiful. Her hair is really red, though. It kind of hurts to look at.

Why am I complaining so much, anyway? I liked it! Truly. I think I'm just arguing with myself again. *shuts up*




Lancelot, Princess Arthur



Kent, Amnesia



Yes, Gareki, you're adorable. (Karneval)



Chitose, Toki no Kizuna



Shuuya, Clock Zero


(I admit, I just like writing down their names. Ignore them.)

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