Bloody Cross, Vol. 1

Bloody Cross, Vol. 1 - Komeyama Shiwo

I don't have much to say about this one. The heroine's awesome, I hate the 'hero' (yes, I hate you, not just dislike, you jerk), and the powers/magic/whatever are awesome. Vampires get on my nerves, but the heroine pulls it off about as well as anyone--she's nasty, funny, and smart, so yaay! The guy, Hinata, I believe his name was (I can't remember the names in this book for some reason), is ANNOYING and I WANT HIM TO GO AWAY AND DIE AAAAGGHH!!!



No, I don't believe he's dead when he gets his head cut off at the end mwahahaha. I can't even work up the wasted energy to hope he's dead, because I doubt I'll read the next book. I do hope Tsukimiya lives, though. She's cool.

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Anyway, I'm sure some people enjoy it a lot and I'm glad. It's just not really to my taste. I'm happy I read it anyway. :D




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Gawain and biddies, Princess Arthur




Justin and Edvard, Crimson Empire




Nightmare (and cat), Joker no Kuni no Alice




Nightmare again (and little ones)




Still Nightmare, apparently.

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