Crimson Empire, Vol. 1

Crimson Empire Vol 1: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba

I really wanted to read a new manga and my family just happened to be going to a bookstore, so I decided to pick this up despite the fact that it's obviously based on an otome game--which means it'll no doubt turn into a darned romance/harem thingy at some point. *sigh*


The premise didn't even seem to my liking, but the art is pretty, otome games usually (sometimes?) have awesome characters (which is why I'm totally addicted to them), and I figured the MC had potential to be something other than a clumsy, uncertain, entirely decorative, generic otome MC since she was an assassin/bodyguard.


So, I picked it up, read it, and WANT THE SEQUEL. Seriously, I LOVE the characters. Sheila, the MC, is awesome. She's tough without being a slap in the face, knows exactly what she wants, and even though she's kind of an idiot for being entirely, completely, all-consumingly loyal to her prince, I kind of love the fact that she is; I've had way too much of scatterbrained MCs recently.


Curtis is sooo cool. He's evil and creepy, and he looks like an adorable kid--he's about five feet tall, and doesn't really have the right to call anyone weak, considering the size of his wrists. XD Please let him be around more in the next book. Please.


Justin is (wow, I'm so repetitive) also awesome. And. . . so is Edvard. And Marshal.


And I could swear Meissen is Ace's long-lost little brother, or something (which is a good thing I guess, because I adore Ace).


Michael is adorable (Okay, I'm officially insane now--I called both the demon and the master assassin adorable).


This review is utter nonsense, and needs to be stopped (but I might as well say that Ronalus is awesome, too. And that I love Sheila and Marshal's relationship. And. . . Right. End the review. Almost).


I just really want the sequel. . . really. . .