Snow Bound Land

I can't help it: I have to rant somewhere about this game, because IT IS AMAZING. I've played a lot of otome games recently, but none of them have even come close to being this utterly awesome. The art is sooo pretty, and the characters are just. . . XD XD XD They make me so happy, and they're so incredible that I can't stop just wandering around chanting their names in my head and thinking about how much I adore them and want to do their campaigns again--especially Aje and Ivan.


Ivan. Ivaaan!!! XD XD *bubbling hearts* Seriously, the guy is one of the most amazing people/characters/things/whatever I have ever come across--in anything, ever. He's so just soooo amazing and sweet and adorable and thoughtful and he's one of the most amazing villains ever when he's 'evil' and one of the most amazing 'good guys' ever when he's not that while I was playing his campaign I took over seventy screenshots of him (I'm not even exaggerating, I couldn't go through a single conversation without taking at least one of him while he had the various beautiful backgrounds behind him). I also love love love his relationship with Aje, who just happens to be my second favorite character because he's funny and awesome and sweet and awkward and I want to scoop him up and snuggle him when he's blushing, and when he's not blushing for that matter.


This rant is getting seriously out of hand (gosh, I love staring at Ivan's hands for some reason XD) so I'm just going to throw some beautiful random pictures from the game on here and go back to obsessing more quietly. *bubbles more hearts*



Ivan and Kai















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