Chrno Crusade Volume 1

Chrono Crusade, Vol. 1 - Daisuke Moriyama

I can't believe how much I hate the main character in this book. She never, ever stops shouting, she hits little kids and pretends that it's funny or sweet, and she is the silliest, most irritating jerk I've ever encountered. There was not one panel, not even one where I didn't want to grab her and drag her forcibly out of the book so that she'd leave the other characters alone--even though everyone in the book except for two people is despicable/annoying/useless as well.


The two good characters are Chrno (who is for some reason a very good, nice demon who looks like a kid unless he's using his powers) and Remington (who is a very, very good person that makes everyone happy just by being around). I can't even describe how much I want to save these two from this book, because they do not belong in it. They deserve a lot more than this poorly-structured book with a selfish, bullying witch for a main character.


The book itself, as I just said, is badly structured. It jumps back and forth between scenes without any warning, cutting off random scenes that I'd like to see more of (namely the scenes with Remmington in them). Battle scenes are a bunch of sloppy messes that need little notes off to one side to tell you that something is on fire or someone is bleeding; peaceful scenes are abruptly cut off after one panel of poor Chrno giving a sweet, actually happy smile because the MC decides to do something stupid and obnoxious. All of the scenes in the book are hurried and nonsensical, and have no actual beginning or ending. Ugh.


The art is actually good about half the time--whenever Rosette (the MC) isn't involved. Some of the panels are very detailed and finished-looking, while the rest of them have missing eyeballs for no reason, anonymously missing lines, etc.


Basically, I really don't like this book, but I'm going to keep reading it for Chrno and Remington. . . and I'm going to hope that Rosette is mysteriously replaced/killed off/removed entirely/anything to get rid of her. My apologies to anyone who likes the book and/or Rosette, but they are just not to my taste.




Here are some pictures of Chrno and Remington from the anime, which I watched a few months ago:








(show spoiler)