Karneval, Vol. 11 - Touya Mikanagi

This might seem random, but I'm reading Karneval Volumes 10 and 11, and I cannot believe how awesome Hirato and Tsukitachi are in this book. I mean, I love them when they're the Ship Captains, but I really love seeing them when they were younger. 


I absolutely love Yogi, too, and I feel so bad for him. He is the sweetest thing, and I hate to see him cry like this.

I can't believe he's actually a prince--I've heard him say 'sparkling prince' a bunch of times, but I didn't think he really was one :)

(show spoiler)


Since I'm obsessed, I also can't help but point out that Akari is amazing, and I have to fight down a smile (usually unsuccessfully) every time he frowns or does anything else. I really wish he'd stop putting himself in danger, but at the same time I adore him even more because he's so determined to take care of everyone.