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Yo yo~~! This is my sarcastic alcove where I get to scribble nonsense at random! ^_^ If you're reading this (I've secretly always wanted to write that) then I wish you sunshine and snuggles! Whoever you are, I love you (but not necessarily your taste in books). ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ *blow kiss*

Elemental Gelade, Volume 4

Elemental Gelade, Volume 4 - Mayumi Azuma

The fights in this book are awesome :)


Ren and Cou are awesome, too, although the rest of the party still annoys me most of the time (especially Cisqua). There isn't really much else I can say. It's good, and I'll certainly keep reading, but it could be better.


Elemental Gelade, Volumes 1 & 2

Elemental Gelade, Volume 1 - Mayumi Azuma

I really wanted to read a new manga, so I searched for a while and found this. It sounded pretty cool, had good genres, and the artwork wasn't even terrible, so I decided to give it a try. Now I'm probably going to be stuck reading all 18 volumes, because it's just barely good enough to keep going.


The MC, Cou, is awesome, and his chain Edel Raid, Ren, is cool when she's awake and adorable when she's asleep--which is about half of the time. The Edel Raids have cool powers, although they're begging for a tedious story arc about whether or not they're considered humans and how they should be treated, which I'm really hoping to avoid somehow. Everyone should just listen to Cou, seriously.


Unfortunately, the rest of the cast doesn't. Cisqua needs to be gagged and thrown in a dungeon somewhere far, far away. I'm soooo sick of punch-in-the-face-I'm-a-strong-female-character-and-everyone-is-beneath-me characters, and she is so noisy and heavy-handed and stupid that she's stealing all the personality from the other characters; they can barely get a line out without her shouting and dragging them around and trying to be, I don't know, funny? I can't even tell what her sidekick with the tough powers is like, because Cisqua won't let him have even one conversation that she isn't part of. Actually, Cisqua reminds me of Rosette, and there are no words for how much I loathe that witch of an MC, so. . .


I'm also sick of the poorly drawn 'humorous' panels all over the place (which are mostly Cisqua's fault, but not all of them). Normally, the artwork is okay, even though I wouldn't call it good.


I'm just hoping that stupid Cisqua and nonsense panels will tone down as the series goes on. Cou and Ren both have a lot of potential, so please just let them use some of it. Please? *sigh*

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De, Vol. 1

I've been reading this on and off for months (mostly off, honestly), and It'll probably take me just as long to read the next one, because for some reason I'm just not that interested in the story. It has lots of potential, and the characters are good for the most part, but it just takes me a long time to work up the energy to read it. I wouldn't even call it boring. It's just. . . not very interesting.


The MC doesn't help. Listen to this (I know it was translated, but this particular translation is MY ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE):

"Very painful. . . I can hear so many voices. . . Very painful. . . Who is going to help me. . .?"

Seriously, she's being attacked by evil spirits, and it's apparently very painful, so what does she do? She wonders who is going to come save her. UGH. You don't have to be a warrior or anything to fight back. You don't even have to be able to save yourself. You just have to try. Don't ever, ever, EVER stand there and wait for someone else to save you.


Keep moving, on your own two feet. No matter what. Never, ever give up.

Otherwise, they will find you, and you'll regret it:


(show spoiler)



. . .As for the rest of the book, it was good but didn't have a lot of great stuff in it. The art is really bad, but I could get past that quite easily if the material was better. I will read the next one, but not soon, I think. *waves* Nice to be finished with you, book.


Side note: I only read this because I found Yasuaki's character song, which led me to the conclusion that there must be at least one cool character in the book--Ishida Akira's characters tend to be awesome--and Yasuaki is indeed very cool. He isn't around enough; hopefully he'll be in the next volume more. Aha, and now I've found a reason to read it sooner. :)

No. 6

No. 6 Volume 1 - 'Atsuko Asano',  'Hinoki Kino'

I watched the No. 6 anime a long time ago, and it was pretty good except for the end--like a lot of stuff. *shrugs* I would have read the manga right after, in fact, because the story was okay and I really liked Nezumi, one of the main characters. The problem with that is. . . Nezumi. In the nice, shiny books at B&N, the stupid translation calls him Rat. In English. Grrrrrrr!!! Nezumi. Nezumi. NEZUMI. His name is not Rat. I keep picking up those lovely books and seeing Rat on the back, and I put them instantly back down, fuming.


. . .I'm an idiot, I know, but I don't think I can handle seeing Rat, Rat, Rat (I mean, he's around so often--thankfully?--that his name is all over the place. And it's wrong) for the entire series.


But, I've read. . . um, actually the first few volumes, not just the first one (oops, I should have reviewed it sooner), and I really, really want to read the rest. So I guess I have to just deal with more Rat. *sigh*


Wow, I didn't mean to rant so long just about the name thing. Oops again. As for the review of the actual book(s). . .


Sion, the other main character, is adorable and funny, and I really like him. And he loves animals. :) He's an idiot, though, and he does ask a ton of useless questions (one of Nezumi's complaints about him). He's seriously flawed, I guess, which can be a very good thing (I'm sick of flawless characters). (kills self for using too many parentheses)


Nezumi is a solid 10 stars in the books--a lot better than in the anime, even though he was my favorite there, too. He's smart, funny, also adorable, and is generally awesome at all times. He's not particularly good or evil, either, which I like; sometimes he can be sweet, but can still be cruel, too. Yay.


As for the plot, it makes much more sense than the anime, is better-structured, and is a heck of a lot less boring. Why am I comparing everything to the anime? The book(s) is/are plenty sensible, well-structured, and entertaining all on its/their own. I don't know why I gave it/them 5 stars, though. I guess because of the MCs, since the side characters are pretty much entirely despicable--although I do like Sion's mom. She's sweet, and likes bitties. *cheers*


The art is really good, too. The covers and the panels are both well-drawn and pretty consistent. Especially the eyes--they're beautifully drawn.


(Oh, and Nezumi has Hosoya Yoshimasa's voice! YAAAAY! *bubbles hearts* Kaji Yuuki isn't too shabby either, Sion XD)


Anyway, I going to end this mess review before I wander around any more. Bye! ;D




Orva, Snow Bound LandLeviath, Angelique Maren no RokukishiKazuya, Sekigahara Kitan: Toki no Kizuna

(show spoiler)


Bloody Cross, Vol. 2

Bloody Cross, Vol. 2 - Shiwo Komeyama

I read this a while ago and forgot to review it. Oops.


Tsukimiya is still awesome. Hinata is still an annoying, rotten, despicable jerk (with awesome powers, unfortunately). There are still lots of fight scenes, and the plot still doesn't make sense.


The new things in this book: Nightmare's devoted follower, Tsuzuki, and NOOOOOO, it's Sebastian stay away stay away STAY AWAY!!!! his servant, Hanamura are main characters.


Tsuzuki would be really funny and adorable if I didn't already adore Nightmare, who he obviously wants to be. As it is, I really like him and totally (as in, 10000000....%) prefer him over Hinata.


Hanamura, I want you to die. NOW. I don't even care if it's painful, just get out of my sight/hearing/every kind of sense RIGHT NOW. You remind me of Seb, and my brain might melt from loathing it you keep it up any longer. In fact, I have a gift for you: 



Anyway, the book isn't really any better or worse than the first one, which I guess is a good thing (it could have been a lot worse), and I'm definitely going to read the next one, so it did something right.





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Crimson Empire, Vol. 3

Crimson Empire Vol. 3: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba

Awww. Justin, I knew you loved little ones.

And that is one of the most adorable confessions ever, you poor darling. "'Are you really drawing your sword?' 'Not to kill.'" Pfft. *snickers, bubbles hearts*

(show spoiler)


Edvard eating sweets is utterly adorable. Justin smiling when he thinks about it is also adorable. These books are just. . . adorable.


And awesome. Curtis, why aren't you around more?! Every page you've ever been on has been awesome!! *dies of Curtis withdrawal*




. . . . . 


. . . . . . . . . 


*revives to reread adorable Justin scenes again*

*and again*

*and again*


This is not a review. It's supposed to be, but it obviously isn't. Someone teach me how to write reviews--it might actually last for one review before I just start fangirling and/or whining again.


This series totally has no ending, by the way. It just. . . rushed forward and then stopped.

But, yes, Sheila, Justin is indeed adorable. Don't hurt him, though. Don't you dare.

(show spoiler)



The four-star rating is a) because the book/series has no real ending and b) because the plot is practically nonexistent. I love it more than that, and it makes me seriously happy. I'd recommend it to anyone who reads for the characters, because they're awesome. Especially Justin--and Curtis. XD XD





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Crimson Empire, Vol. 2

Crimson Empire Vol. 2: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba



Uh. . . I really love Justin? A lot? He's a sweetheart, and he's adorable, and he's tough, and an idiot, the poor thing, and HE'S AROUND MORE IN THIS ONE YAAAAY!!! XD XD

Honestly, the darling bought Sheila a rose when he didn't even want her following him (you poor, precious baby, how could she not try to keep you safe? What kind of a monster could help themselves?), and he wore a 'disguise' (seriously, Justin? Pfft) that he hated because it would make her worry a bit less. *bubbles hearts*


Sheila, don't you dare let the idiot get hurt. Ever. In any way. Thankfully you're sweet and awesome, too, so that shouldn't be a problem! :D Take care of him, though. Seriously. 

Obviously he's going to protect her from Curtis. He's too perfect not to.

(show spoiler)



Curtis! Curtis returns!!!! *cheering* He is one of the shortest, most adorable, most awesome villains ever. EVER. Please stay. Preferably don't kill any of the awesome characters, but STAY. DON'T LEAVE! YOU AREN'T AROUND ENOUGH! (He leaves, doesn't he? *cries*)


Michael is still adorable. :D Gosh, some of these characters need to be around more. (Just don't detract from Justin's camera time. At all. Just magically be around more, or something.) Oh, yeah, and Michael's an awesome evil demon, too--with wings, mwahaha. Keep it up!


What happened to this review, anyway? This is just me ranting about the characters. . .


Uh. . . The plot. I don't care much for it, but that's okay, because Justin is around!!!! *bubbles hearts, then remembers previous train of thought before Justin shattered it* I've got to say, there aren't very many assassination attempts in this one, considering it still goes on about them in the book's synopsis. There isn't much action, in fact. Hm. I guess you can't have everything?


Anyway, I'm dying to read the next one--conveniently sitting at my elbow right now, new and shiny, taunting me--so I guess that's the entire, useless review. *waves*






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Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 1

Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 01 - Rei Tōma

I'm totally just writing reviews so I can throw in some pictures at the end. *sighs, beats self up, does it anyway*


Uh. . . Anyway. (I'm already repeating myself *sighs again*) This book was good. It was a nice, quick, entirely inoffensive book that made my day just a little more interesting (thanks, book! XD).


I like Caesar. He always has a not-so-bright look on his face, and I've seen similar characters all over the place, but I like him anyway. He's my favorite--probably because the princess fainted twice in like ten pages near the beginning, which made for a rough start.


Loki is whiny. Waah. (See, he makes me cry just thinking about him.) I didn't dislike him, I guess. He's whiny, though. Whaah.


I'll probably end up liking him, and then I'll be mad at myself for making fun of him. That's usually how it works with my stupid brain. *shrugs*

I do want to read the sequel, I think. I'm not dying for it, but I definitely liked it enough to keep reading. That's something, right?


Oh, and the art is pretty good, even though I think the artist has trouble with facial expressions. . . or maybe Caesar really doesn't have coherent thoughts in his head. Either way, it's a lot better than Kuroshitsuji some art I've seen. The cover is beautiful. Her hair is really red, though. It kind of hurts to look at.

Why am I complaining so much, anyway? I liked it! Truly. I think I'm just arguing with myself again. *shuts up*




Lancelot, Princess Arthur



Kent, Amnesia



Yes, Gareki, you're adorable. (Karneval)



Chitose, Toki no Kizuna



Shuuya, Clock Zero


(I admit, I just like writing down their names. Ignore them.)

(show spoiler)


Bloody Cross, Vol. 1

Bloody Cross, Vol. 1 - Komeyama Shiwo

I don't have much to say about this one. The heroine's awesome, I hate the 'hero' (yes, I hate you, not just dislike, you jerk), and the powers/magic/whatever are awesome. Vampires get on my nerves, but the heroine pulls it off about as well as anyone--she's nasty, funny, and smart, so yaay! The guy, Hinata, I believe his name was (I can't remember the names in this book for some reason), is ANNOYING and I WANT HIM TO GO AWAY AND DIE AAAAGGHH!!!



No, I don't believe he's dead when he gets his head cut off at the end mwahahaha. I can't even work up the wasted energy to hope he's dead, because I doubt I'll read the next book. I do hope Tsukimiya lives, though. She's cool.

(show spoiler)


Anyway, I'm sure some people enjoy it a lot and I'm glad. It's just not really to my taste. I'm happy I read it anyway. :D




Here come the mandatory useless, unrelated pictures at the end of my review:




Gawain and biddies, Princess Arthur




Justin and Edvard, Crimson Empire




Nightmare (and cat), Joker no Kuni no Alice




Nightmare again (and little ones)




Still Nightmare, apparently.

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Justin Roberuttey

Justin is a darling. Yes, this is entirely random. But he is. Totally. And he just happens to be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke on the game (Akari-chan!! *bubbles hearts*)


He's quite possibly my favorite. . . Please let him be around more from now on--and don't let him die, please. I love him. *bubbles hearts for Justin too*




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Crimson Empire, Vol. 1

Crimson Empire Vol 1: Circumstances to Serve a Noble - QuinRose, Hazuki Futaba

I really wanted to read a new manga and my family just happened to be going to a bookstore, so I decided to pick this up despite the fact that it's obviously based on an otome game--which means it'll no doubt turn into a darned romance/harem thingy at some point. *sigh*


The premise didn't even seem to my liking, but the art is pretty, otome games usually (sometimes?) have awesome characters (which is why I'm totally addicted to them), and I figured the MC had potential to be something other than a clumsy, uncertain, entirely decorative, generic otome MC since she was an assassin/bodyguard.


So, I picked it up, read it, and WANT THE SEQUEL. Seriously, I LOVE the characters. Sheila, the MC, is awesome. She's tough without being a slap in the face, knows exactly what she wants, and even though she's kind of an idiot for being entirely, completely, all-consumingly loyal to her prince, I kind of love the fact that she is; I've had way too much of scatterbrained MCs recently.


Curtis is sooo cool. He's evil and creepy, and he looks like an adorable kid--he's about five feet tall, and doesn't really have the right to call anyone weak, considering the size of his wrists. XD Please let him be around more in the next book. Please.


Justin is (wow, I'm so repetitive) also awesome. And. . . so is Edvard. And Marshal.


And I could swear Meissen is Ace's long-lost little brother, or something (which is a good thing I guess, because I adore Ace).


Michael is adorable (Okay, I'm officially insane now--I called both the demon and the master assassin adorable).


This review is utter nonsense, and needs to be stopped (but I might as well say that Ronalus is awesome, too. And that I love Sheila and Marshal's relationship. And. . . Right. End the review. Almost).


I just really want the sequel. . . really. . .


Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

I don't really have much to say about this book. It was good, and I liked it, but that's all. It was a fantasy book, and not much else. I liked Kiggs and Glisselda, and I didn't particularly dislike any of the others. The dragons were cool, but I would have liked them better if they were more like animals--they were kind of stuck between animals and humans, not really having emotions, but not using their instincts either.


As this is the most boring review ever, I'll just leave it at that. . . and this, for no reason at all: 













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Happy Easter!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and today is an awesome day! I hope everyone else out there is enjoying such and awesome day, and if not, then hopefully (darn, I used that word again) these will make anyone who sees them a bit happier: 




(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


(show spoiler)


Happy Easter--or just a happy day if you don't celebrate!

Still Snow Bound Land

Wow. Two weeks later and I'm even more obsessed. I need to read a good book. . .





I confuse myself sometimes. Aren't they cute, though? 

(show spoiler)



Anyway, hopefully I'll convince myself to actually write about books at some point, because I have a loooot of reviews to catch up on. Including a bunch of reviews of entire series, like Fullmetal, which I finally finished (yay! *happy, but cries because it's over*). Also, I should probably write actual reviews for Pandora Hearts and Karneval at some point, because I don't think I've ever written a proper one for either of them. *sighs, bubbles hearts*


Snow Bound Land

I can't help it: I have to rant somewhere about this game, because IT IS AMAZING. I've played a lot of otome games recently, but none of them have even come close to being this utterly awesome. The art is sooo pretty, and the characters are just. . . XD XD XD They make me so happy, and they're so incredible that I can't stop just wandering around chanting their names in my head and thinking about how much I adore them and want to do their campaigns again--especially Aje and Ivan.


Ivan. Ivaaan!!! XD XD *bubbling hearts* Seriously, the guy is one of the most amazing people/characters/things/whatever I have ever come across--in anything, ever. He's so just soooo amazing and sweet and adorable and thoughtful and he's one of the most amazing villains ever when he's 'evil' and one of the most amazing 'good guys' ever when he's not that while I was playing his campaign I took over seventy screenshots of him (I'm not even exaggerating, I couldn't go through a single conversation without taking at least one of him while he had the various beautiful backgrounds behind him). I also love love love his relationship with Aje, who just happens to be my second favorite character because he's funny and awesome and sweet and awkward and I want to scoop him up and snuggle him when he's blushing, and when he's not blushing for that matter.


This rant is getting seriously out of hand (gosh, I love staring at Ivan's hands for some reason XD) so I'm just going to throw some beautiful random pictures from the game on here and go back to obsessing more quietly. *bubbles more hearts*



Ivan and Kai















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Chrno Crusade Volume 1

Chrono Crusade, Vol. 1 - Daisuke Moriyama

I can't believe how much I hate the main character in this book. She never, ever stops shouting, she hits little kids and pretends that it's funny or sweet, and she is the silliest, most irritating jerk I've ever encountered. There was not one panel, not even one where I didn't want to grab her and drag her forcibly out of the book so that she'd leave the other characters alone--even though everyone in the book except for two people is despicable/annoying/useless as well.


The two good characters are Chrno (who is for some reason a very good, nice demon who looks like a kid unless he's using his powers) and Remington (who is a very, very good person that makes everyone happy just by being around). I can't even describe how much I want to save these two from this book, because they do not belong in it. They deserve a lot more than this poorly-structured book with a selfish, bullying witch for a main character.


The book itself, as I just said, is badly structured. It jumps back and forth between scenes without any warning, cutting off random scenes that I'd like to see more of (namely the scenes with Remmington in them). Battle scenes are a bunch of sloppy messes that need little notes off to one side to tell you that something is on fire or someone is bleeding; peaceful scenes are abruptly cut off after one panel of poor Chrno giving a sweet, actually happy smile because the MC decides to do something stupid and obnoxious. All of the scenes in the book are hurried and nonsensical, and have no actual beginning or ending. Ugh.


The art is actually good about half the time--whenever Rosette (the MC) isn't involved. Some of the panels are very detailed and finished-looking, while the rest of them have missing eyeballs for no reason, anonymously missing lines, etc.


Basically, I really don't like this book, but I'm going to keep reading it for Chrno and Remington. . . and I'm going to hope that Rosette is mysteriously replaced/killed off/removed entirely/anything to get rid of her. My apologies to anyone who likes the book and/or Rosette, but they are just not to my taste.




Here are some pictures of Chrno and Remington from the anime, which I watched a few months ago:








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